Rainy Day in Dublin

Sadly the weather Gods decided not to smile on our trip to Dublin and
and the uniform grey backdrop did not inspire many photos except for a few snaps of the pretty parts of TCD:

Fortunately, the Guinness always tastes good in Ireland and we found some lovely pubs in which to shelter from the downpours.

  • O’Neills is a huge sprawling labyrinth of a bar which meant that while it was buzzing with atmosphere, it was still possible to find a table.
  • The Bank pub on College Green: Splendid 19th Century banking hall now turned into a classy bar and eatery. The food was good, the staff friendly, and the decor superlative; it also reminded me a lot The Treasury in Melbourne.
  • The Stag’s Head: A cosy traditional pub that is just difficult enough to find that it’s not rammed with tourists. Too good to share. 😉

Technology in Motion

TIm Bray observes that several previously stable technologies are currently in a state of flux, with many of them on the cusp of potentially changing the way that applications will be engineered in the future.

It’s a great survey of what’s hot right now, but I don’t think that this is a particularly unique situation within IT—there are always new technologies pushing the boundaries of current thinking—what makes this moment different is that several core technologies are moving simultaneously. What potential for a confluence?