Another Cambridge

Labour day (or should that be, ‘Labor Day’?) is the only day we get off during the 14 week training programme, so I was keen to make the most of the long weekend. Many people have spoken very highly of Boston, and being just four hours from NY, catching up with a friend currently working as a post-doc at Harvard seemed like a good plan.

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Ultimate in Central Park

Sitting in an office all-day is not good for your health, so I was very pleased to find out about an open Ultimate Frisbee game in Central Park that happens every Saturday afternoon. The players were friendly and welcoming, it was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed playing — although the pitch was not exactly the lush green grass I had envisioned when thinking about ultimate in Central Park! It was actually a very hard and dusty bit of ground, and the game had more than one stoppage as a gust of wind picked up dust and blew it across the players like a sandstorm. 🙁 I couldn’t play this weekend as I was in Boston (more on that in another post), but it was fun (despite the pitch) so I shall definitely go back next weekend.

Last week also saw more sporting activity in the form of a New York office v London office footie kickaround on Wednesday after work. It began ominously for the team from London as the New Yorkers began with a highly sportsman-like warm up, while the London grads stood around and discussed the best place to go for the post-match pub trip. Things didn’t improve when the match started—the New Yorkers had clearly played this game before—although the inspired introduction to the London side of a ringer named Ryan who just came up and asked to join in made the match slightly more competitive.

New York had a 2-0 lead when a Park Conservator told us we weren’t allowed to play on the Great Lawn, although he was very friendly and directed us towards another spot with slightly less grass near The Met. Now the match really began, with the Londoners slowly remembering how to play the game, and it all came down to a ‘Golden Goal’ in the fading light — at which point we all packed off to the pub to debate the merits of shandy, and American v British pool rules. If we can find somewhere half-decent to play, there’ll be a rematch this week!