A weekend in Belgium

It’s been so long since I blogged about travelling that I think I have almost forgotten how! I’ve been busy with work—and enjoying London—and I didn’t even find time to post a wry observation on the similarity in temperature between Sydney’s first day of winter and the first day of summer here…

Anyway, last weekend, Rosie and I ventured forth to Brussels on the Eurostar (so much more civilised than flying, as I’ve said before) to enjoy beer, waffles, and catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen since my trip to Sydney almost exactly one year ago. Brussels is a bit of an odd place: it has some beautiful buildings, awesome cafés (where one enjoys very tasty beer), and some unique museums, but there are also too many monstrously ugly modern buildings, and the area around Le Grand Place is so popular that the atmosphere is distinctly, and sadly, tourist. The best part about staying with a resident is that you get to see the real Brussels, and that featured some very pleasant areas (if still a little grubby) and some excellent restaurants which overall made the trip highly enjoyable.

On the second day we took the train for a day in the Flemish town of Bruges. Bruges is much closer to my preconception of a Belgian town: picturesque old buildings and a pretty river setting, and while it was chock full of other tourists enjoying the overdue summer sunshine, the greater number of attractions meant they didn’t spoil the place.

I took quite a few photos, but only the first three are of Brussels; the remainder Bruges.