Western Australia

When a country gets as much sun as Australia does, it becomes very easy to take gorgeous-looking photographs such as these from our seven day tour of Western Australia. In fact, the sun was so incredibly strong that a lot of the photos were really over exposed and had to be corrected.

While I have previously acclaimed Australia’s beautiful coastal landscape, I remember thinking at the time that the inland scenery was rather hard to describe—the sun blasted continuous scrub of short trees/bushes can hardly be called “pretty”, but there is some eerily attractive about the ostentatious rocky landscape [1][2]. Looking back, I realise I almost certainly also find the views more enjoyable now that I no longer have to deal with that most intense sun beating down on me, or the highly persistent flies.

Something that I remember was very pretty was the intense blue of the sky set against the red of the earth, although at sunset it was the sky that was beautifully red (and in Perth too.)

Finally, the best bit about tour was definitely the people we met and made friends with on our bus. Rosie, not content with all the fish she saw underwater, also decided to make some new animal friends.

Pictures from Sydney

Sydney has many famous beauty spots (photos), but I think my favourite has to Balmoral Beach. Sydney is famous for its beaches, but this one has something the others don’t: an Edwardian Bathing Pavilion which has been converted to a classy café serving excellent coffee and quite possibly the best breakfast in Sydney—and for a city that does breakfast like Sydney does, that takes some doing!

I’m still sorting through the remainder of my photos; more will be posted soon.