bookmarks has been heralded as a classic example of the sort of application that is “Web 2.0” but until recently I could not really see the point of it—web-based bookmarks? However, having been something of a computing nomad these last few months, without permanent access to an always-on, always-connected server of my own, has proved a useful way of storing random bit of information that I have needed to be able to access in a variety of places; e.g. links to products I have been recommended, technical information I may want to retrieve in a different location in the future, etc. As with any storage system, the make-or-break feature is retrieval, and Gmail-style multiple keyword-tags and a search facility look sensible and useful.

Return of the .sig quote

I love holidays. Today I finally found sometime to cook up a new way of putting a fun quote after my name in all of my emails. This regular feature of my electronic correspondence sadly disappeared when I upgraded to a new version of OS X; the new version of Apple Mail no longer seems to support the technical hook I was previously using to insert the random quote. Fortunately the new version does have the ability to randomly select a signature from a pre-defined list, I just had to find a way to import my 40-odd existing quotes into this list.

Merry Christmas!

Wow – it’s been nearly a month since I have blogged! Sadly, moving house, city and job in one go, plus all the usual Christmas excitement, has kept me quite busy these last few weeks… However, I do have some posts in the pipeline, and with the Christmas holidays now upon us, hopefully I will even have some time to write them up!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.