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Whistler Magic

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Flying ten hours to a ski resort when there are so many within a couple of hours seems like a bit of an odd thing to do, but Whistler has something of a reputation for being superior to the best Europe can offer and I was keen to find out what all the fuss was […]

Happiness at the National Theatre

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

The National Theatre is one of those buildings on the South Bank which was erected in the 1960’s by people who though concrete was an attractive building material. The name also suggests a rather high-brow entertainment-offering, and consequently I have never really paid much attention to it. However I have learned that this ugly building […]

Netgear DG834Gv3, iChat and Linux

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

I recently picked up a Netgear DG834Gv3 wireless router and modem on ebay for a very reasonable price. In order to make iChat video conferences work seamlessly (i.e. without having to configure port forwarding) I had to: Upgrade it to the latest firmware (V4.01.30). Toggle UPnP off and on (twice according to some forums). Disable […]