Funny goings-on in the world of print-media?

It’s been a bit of a funny weekend in the newspaper world. First is the shocking news that the venerable Times is going fully-tabloid from Monday!

While I’m hoping the content of The Times won’t make a similar shift from broadsheet to tabloid, this week’s NTK highlighted that The Guardian, of all newspapers, has recently been advocating the traditionally Neo-Conservative policy of regime change. Alas, the Americans seem less than keen on Guardian-style regime change.

Upcoming Seminars

I’ve grown rather sceptical about attending seminars lately as often about half way through I find myself thinking that the time might be better spent reading the associated paper instead! However I am rather tempted to attend the following:

Freshers’ Week in review

Another year, and another freshers’ week (well, fortnight for us grads 🙂 ) gone by… This was the first year I haven’t been involved in organising things — starting in January meant my first freshers’ week was also the first year I was on the GradSoc committee and seeing it from the other side was very interesting. Undoubtedly the best bit was that I got to enjoy it to the full — being able to just turn up and enjoy events without having to set up, clear up, serve drinks, etc was very nice!
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GMail Atom Feed

This is cool — liferea (Linux Feed Reader) news says that Google provides Atom feeds with a list of new messages in your gmail account!

Unfortunately https:// can’t be accessed directly by liferea, but you can use an external tool such as wget or curl to grab the feed — liferea supports this directly, or you could download it via a cronjob if your favourite feed reader does not.

“Ultimate” Hangover Cure

A lot of Jesus grads (me included!) were wandering around yesterday looking slightly…. “tired” after Friday night’s GradHall. While I’m normally quite a cynic when it comes to “miracle cures” Ed made me this fantastic drink which really did make me feel substantially better after a whole pint of it! Cheers, mate!

The rest of that site is pretty interesting too. Obviously this being the Internet one can’t take it as being 100% true and accurate, but the stuff on buying a computer isn’t bad (although quite dated now). And the drink was very good! 🙂