Photographs from the Abel Tasman

We had a fantastic day in the Abel Tasman National Park. I took a lot of photos, so here is a selection of the most interesting.

Photographs of New Zealand’s Westland

The epic amounts of rain did not get photographed, but I did capture a lovely rainbow and the pancake rocks.

Wanaka to Lake Matheson

Wanaka is a fun town in a beautiful setting. It was also our entry point to New Zealand’s wild, and famously wet, West Coast.

Christchurch to Dunedin

I previously wrote about the sobering but hopeful state of Christchurch. The next day we headed down State Highway 1 to Dunedin via the Moeraki Boulders. It was a another day of huge crashy-bashy surf, the boulders are mildly diverting but the coast is beautiful in its own right too.

From Dunedin we explored the Otago Peninsular and its Royal Albatross Centre. The fine weather meant the adult Royal Albatrosses were all out at sea hunting so I could only take photographs of the fluffy land-based chicks.

Photographs from Sydney

Photographs from our short stopover in Sydney.

Off-camera flash photography

Since the Autumn I have been taking more photographs of people than places. Through a Facebook advert I had seen that 36exp run bite-size evening workshops and I signed up for one on off-camera flash since the dark evenings had also resulted in me using my flashgun quite extensively.

Leake St, SE1

The course was really fun and also my first experience of shooting with a professional model. This was quite intimidating at first, but Julie was very professional and it was a lot less stressful than when trying to get the perfect photo that family demand, but have little patience to achieve!

Leake St, SE1

Leake St, SE1

The first three photographs were all shot with a single light on to the camera’s right. I do not remember if the light was modified with a soft box or umbrella. One immediate thing I observed was that light stands need to be very high—we are used to seeing light shine down from a very high angle from both the sun and ceiling lights, so to achieve a natural look the light needs to be positioned above the model and angled down.

Leake St, SE1

Leake St, SE1

This shot introduced a second light onto the back of the model’s head to highlight her hair. I really like the effect of the hair light, but I am not sure it works well in this context.

Leake St, SE1


These last two used a single light on the model and a second light to illuminate the background. While editing this collection I realised that filters and effects make a lot more sense for photographs where the subject is the main focus. With my travel photography I am aiming to capture the atmosphere I experienced, whereas here the entire scene is constructed at the direction of the photographer, and so it is very logical to continue the creative process into the darkroom.

Buenos Aires Gallery

As I previously wrote, Buenos Aires is more interesting than picturesque, but nonetheless provided some memorable images.

Atacama: El Tatio Geysers and Machuca

Our final day in the Atacama desert was a trip to experience dawn at the El Tatio Geyser field. The trip is timed like this because the hot steam from the boiling water erupting from the ground looks particularly impressive when it condenses in the 5ºC high altitude dawn air and the rising sun makes it even more majestic. The chill air was a bit of a shock to the system after the day time roasting we had received up until now, but it was a very impressive display of nature.

On the way home we made a pitstop at the remote Andean community of Machuca, and we were lucky enough to spot some indigenous wildlife.

Atacama: Los Flamencos National Reserve and Miscanti Lake

Photographs from our second day trip in the beautiful Atacama Desert. This time we were saw flamingos, and learned that they get their distinctive pink colour from the algae they eat from foraging on the waterbed. After that our bus took us to 4120m above sea level to see a volcanic lake, spectacularly framed by snow and volcanoes. Our final two stops were in the pretty Andean villages of Socaire and Toconao, to sample some traditional local food.

Atacama Desert: Moon Valley and Death Valley

The Atacama Desert had some out of this world scenery so this is the first of several albums of photographs. The name “Moon Valley” comes from the salt glaze left behind by evaporating water, but we were also treated to an almost-full moon hanging majestically above the surrounding volcanoes.

Photographs of Concha y Toro

I previously wrote about our fun day of wine tasting at Viña Concha y Toro in Santiago, now here are the best of the photographs from that day.

Photographs from Santiago and Nearby

A few photographs of Santiago and Valparaiso, and many from our day hike in the spectacular scenery near La Parva.

Nova Scotia

The final leg of our Maritimes road trip featured three places in Nova Scotia. First up was the rugged natural beauty of the Atlantic coast and crashing waves at Peggy’s Cove. Next was some man-made prettiness in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg (and lovely sea food at the Salt Shaker Deli). Our final day was in urbane but relaxed Halifax. After so many outdoor activities, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic gave our brains a good workout, and then we had a fantastic dinner at the oddly named, but superb, Wooden Monkey. Their special that evening was “Vegan Poutine”, which sounded a bit trashy but was actually quite sophisticated, and very tasty.

New Brunswick

After Prince Edward Island we traveled into New Brunswick to explore the Bay of Fundy. This is famous for having the highest tidal range in the world, causing the unique reversing rapids in Saint John. The photographs do not really do justice to this phenomenon where the tide from the Bay is strong enough to reverse the flow of the river, creating whirlpools and tumultuous rapids. I also have some short videos of both high and low tides which I will post in the future.