Write-Up and Thesis

So, two particularly good things happened to me this week:

  1. I was offered a job! 🙂 It’s at a large investment bank based in Canary Wharf, and since I really liked the company, and the people I met when I went to interview there, I think I shall probably accept.
  2. I started writing my thesis.

So… plans for next year are taking shape. If I can make some good progress on the thesis between now and Christmas (I intend to be in Cambridge until Christmas eve to make sure this happens!), then a trip “down under” seems very likely. It’s all very exciting. 🙂

Funny goings-on in the world of print-media?

It’s been a bit of a funny weekend in the newspaper world. First is the shocking news that the venerable Times is going fully-tabloid from Monday!

While I’m hoping the content of The Times won’t make a similar shift from broadsheet to tabloid, this week’s NTK highlighted that The Guardian, of all newspapers, has recently been advocating the traditionally Neo-Conservative policy of regime change. Alas, the Americans seem less than keen on Guardian-style regime change.

“Ultimate” Hangover Cure

A lot of Jesus grads (me included!) were wandering around yesterday looking slightly…. “tired” after Friday night’s GradHall. While I’m normally quite a cynic when it comes to “miracle cures” Ed made me this fantastic drink which really did make me feel substantially better after a whole pint of it! Cheers, mate!

The rest of that site is pretty interesting too. Obviously this being the Internet one can’t take it as being 100% true and accurate, but the stuff on buying a computer isn’t bad (although quite dated now). And the drink was very good! 🙂

Open season on hard disks?

In the last month hard disks in three of the machines I use regularly have had hard disk failures — the SRCF, my lab machine and now my laptop. Whilst worrying from a data integrity point of view, it is interesting that all three machines are approximately 2.5 years old, and running pretty much 24 hours a day (even my laptop generally gets left on over night). An indication that hard drives with three year warranties are an excellent investment perhaps? It has also been a well-timed reminder of the importance of backups!

Round a about | Metafilter

A few days ago, MetaFilter carried a stroy about the incredibly bizarre “Magic Roundabout” in Swindon. Having driven around this a couple days a week a few summers ago (albeit, taking the first left exit each time!!) I can assure people it’s not nearly as bad as it looks!

A few of the comments on that story are about other slightly strange local-driving regulations. My own favourite was the roundabout just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Google tells me its correct name is the Armdale Rotary.) The first problem is that the entrace to the roundabout is controlled by a traffic light which has both the red and green lights illuminated. Fortunately there are about a million signs telling you that this means, “yield and proceed”, although apparently making this clear came at the cost of having any navigational signs to tell the already confused driver which exit they want… Thankfully for me, there was already a car on the roundabout so I thought I would have at least a few seconds to solve this second puzzle, but no! I had failed to account for the incredible niceness of Canadians (and Haligonians in particular were incredibly friendly) and the car stopped to let me in.

I survived to tell the tale, but apparently this is quite usual behaviour for this bizarre traffic junction, as the Halifax Herald explains:

It’s not just the contradictory traffic signals – red light, green arrow – that will furrow your brow, but the driving habits of Haligonians. Motorists who are already on the traffic circle will actually stop to let you in. You don’t know if they are just being overly polite – further evidence of quaintness, perhaps? – or if they are ignorant of the rules of the road.

While on the subject of Swindon, I’ve recently been introduced to the excellent and very funny books by Jasper Fforde which are set in Swindon (well, sort-of… You’ll understand when you read them!).

New domain name — toobusyto.org.uk

It’s taken me quite a long time, but I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to part with some cash to secure myself a permanent home in cyberspace. So, from yesterday you can now access this site at: http://www.toobusyto.org.uk. All the old links should continue to work — many thanks to Kyle for helping me to debug the transition.

You can also send me mail using nathan at this domain (drop the leading www), although all my existing e-mail addresses will also continue to work.

New-look Website

So, this weekend I finally got round to redesigning my website. I’ve published “news items” at the top of my homepage for a while now (exam term 2000, to be precise!) and so thought it would be nice to play with some proper weblog software. I chose wordpress as that seemed to be one of the most popular with my blogging friends and it is free, as in speech, not beer, unlike many of the other most popular blog tools. So far I’ve been very pleased with my choice — many thanks to all the WP developers out there.

Most of the content from my old website can be found in the menu bar to the right and I have also preserved my old news items. Most of the early ones do appear to have been written at about 2am in the morning, but they brought back some good memories for me.