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Once again I find myself reading about Britain’s response to a major terrorist incident in the foreign press, on the other side of the world (I was also absent from the UK on 11th September 2001 and 7th July 2005). It feels odd to be disconnected from home at times like these, although also slightly glad to be away from the chaos, and reading about home in foreign newspapers is certainly very interesting. Foreign newspapers also tend to give much more of a global perspective: reaction to the news from around the world, rather than the intense focus of British media outlets on the big story.

Here in India, I have been reading the Times of India every day, and the International news section is never very large. Today was no exception. The bomb plot and hand luggage restrictions did take up about half of the front page though, a domain normally reserved for Bangalorean news. The possible link between the bombers and Pakistan was not emphasised, but it was certainly highlighted. Given India’s own recent experiences of terrorism, I am glad I am not flying anywhere for the next fortnight.

The BBC provides a brief overview of what British newspapers are saying, while there’s a good healthy dose of cynicism over at The Register.

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