Bangalore Update

A little exploration of the area where I am living has led me to believe I am probably living in the Bangalore equivalent of Canary Wharf: there are lots of shiny new office and apartment blocks, and some amenities in the form of an American-style mall, but none of the classy lounge bars and fine restaurants that are talked about in the guidebook. The area also has a decided “unfinished” feel to it, so perhaps Canary Wharf as it was a few years ago, rather than today. I’m getting used to taking the auto-rickshaws now so explorations further afield are clearly called for.

Walking around and reading the local newspaper, there are plenty of signs of Western culture: from Levi jeans to Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut. However, it doesn’t feel like the globalised assimilation that you might expect but instead it has its own uniqueness; the signs may be familiar, but everything is still quintessentially Indian in a very pleasant way.

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