Exploring NYC

My first week at work was fairly quiet — we had some fun breaking computers (and then fixing them again) but there was some dull admin to fill the evenings too. My fellow trainees and I have explored a couple of bars near work — they’re not bad, if a little expensive (and we haven’t been paid yet!) but we found a good one with happy hour on Friday! Later in the evening most of the trainees went en masse to a club called “Mission” near SoHo as apparently a friend of a friend of one of the other trainees was organising a party there so we got free entry (I’m still hanging onto my student ways… 🙂 ) With so many of the training class there it was a fun night, but I can’t say I’d go back as the music wasn’t brilliant and it was so jammed it took forever to get served at the bar, etc.

After a busy week it was really nice to just chill out on Saturday, but Sunday I woke fairly early and was keen to get out and explore the city a little, especially since thunderstorms were again forecast. Once again, I found there was something unexpected around almost every corner, for example there was a market selling lots of tasty looking fruit smoothies and other yummy foods on Sixth Avenue, and that the normally very busy Fifth Ave becomes a posh-looking, leafy residential area just north of Greenwich Village.

Sort-of by accident I found myself in Downtown where I was reminded just how amazing the buildings are here: there is the Italian-style City hall, the beautiful Woolworth Tower and a whole host of others along and around Wall St. I also visited St. Paul’s chapel, just across from the site of the WTC, miraculously unharmed in the September 11th attacks, and now a moving memorial to the rescue workers who worked day and night in the aftermath of the attack. As well as being a beautiful chapel, it is steeped in history, also being the chapel George Washington attended directly after his inauguration as the First US President.

I think I’ve realised that one of the problems with NY is that there is so much to do and see, I’m really not sure where to start! I might try to be a little more organised next weekend and perhaps “do” something rather than just do more meandering (as enjoyable as that is!). I’ve been checking out places to play Ultimate too as I really need some more exercise than just walking to work, and although the prospect of running around in blazing 30 degree sunshine isn’t that appealing I think I shall just have to put the sun block on and get out and do it!