White earbuds everywhere

I walked to work for the first time today. Although it’s about a 30 minute walk, it’s actually a lot more pleasant than taking the subway as it wasn’t too hot on the streets, and while subway trains are air-conditioned, the subway stations are not and often suffocatingly hot. There also seemed to be many coffee & bagel places en route that called out to be sampled. 🙂

It was interesting to see just how many people were listening to iPods (a lot!). On a related note, I was intrigued to see in iTunes that the BBC have begun podcasting, including my morning favourite, the Today programme! I hadn’t found the podcasting concept particularly interesting until now, but the thought of being able to listen to ‘Today’ programme while I walked to work in a foreign country was very appealing. Unfortunately further investigation shows that only the “the 8:10 interview” is available rather than the whole programme, so I guess I shall have to stick with CNN on TV for now — I hope the BBC extend their offerings soon.