Sydney to Cairns

Since I last posted I’ve been doing some cool stuff.

Saturday morning was spent recovering from exploring Sydney night-life on Friday night — teapots of cocktails was definitely a new experience. 🙂 After sampling some more of Sydney’s fine cafe’s for brunch, we headed over to Bronte beach and walked along the cliffs to the famous Bondi beach. Both beaches were lovely, and it was fun watching all the surfers!

On Sunday, Ed, Simone and myself drove up to the Blue Mountains and discovered “flower pot scones” make an excellent elevenses that kinda rule out the need for lunch… As it turned out, these huge scones meant we had plenty of energy to tackle a bush walk that culminated in a 900-step ascent back to the car; and the views were well worth it. 🙂

Sadly yesterday I had to leave Sydney, Simone and Ed behind and flew to Cairns (a mere 3 hours by plane, north). The city itself is very touristy, no where near as nice as Sydney, but there is a lot to do here: today I explored the rainforest on the Atherton Tablelands, and tomorrow I (as per my instructions from various people ;)) start a 5-day dive course. The best bit of this is that the final three days are living on a boat, so I shall get lots of diving in.