After a gruelling 28 hours of travel, I arrived in beautiful Sydney. The harbour is stunning: I think I have now admired it from all the possible angles, including the top of the impressive and iconic Harbour Bridge; and the city as a whole just seems so well designed, with many impressive buildings (from tall skyscrapers to older sandstone neo-gothic “statements”) but still plenty of green spaces (including palm trees!!) and of course, lots of beaches for relaxing. 🙂

I am being very well looked-after by Ed and Simone — I shall be most sad to leave their fine hospitality and “hit the road” on Monday.

One Response to “Sydney”

  1. Angel Says:

    It sounds gorgeous – a bit like Vancouver perhaps? But less mountains and rain, more sunshine, beaches and parks – excellent! I’m rather envious 🙂

    Talking of Ed’s hospitality, he seems to have stolen your mobile phone about an hour ago and texted me to say ‘get some’ (and ps congratulations, so he’s forgiven :). I couldn’t possibly understand what this means, but I thought I might interpret it as ‘get some fresh air now your exams are over’ 😉

    Still the weekend to enjoy before you hit the road to Cairns – or would that be clouds? Have fun getting wet however you do it!