A few photos of Canberra, a city with ample green space and grand architecture. It is difficult to get around without a car though. Despite its master plan being devised in 1912, much of the implementation came much later and exemplifies urban planning of the 1940s and 1950s with large curving roads and roundabouts which make it seem like a grander version of Milton Keynes. Either the original 1912 architect was incredibly prescient to foresee the rise of the motor car, or perhaps he envisioned self-sufficient communities linked by a rail network, it is really not clear how his plan could work otherwise.

Canberra is a very bicycle friendly city, relatively flat with light traffic and ample space for bicycle lanes. Nearby hills such as Mt Ainslie also make for excellent mountain biking apparently, and the coast is only two and a half hours away if you hanker for a weekend on the beach.