Elizabethtown & “Thank You for Smoking”

Having been disappointed with much of Hollywood’s recent output, I was recently pleasantly surprised to view two very enjoyable comedies.

Elizabethtown, starring Orlando Bloom and the delectable Kirsten Dunst, was a unconventional romantic comedy, in the vein of the excellent Garden State. The humour was quirky and slightly surreal—for example, the traditional scene where boy and girl are shown having a fun day together (set to music of course) takes place in a cemetery… There are a couple of bad scenes: Kirsten Dunst’s character thankfully has a complete personality transplant between her initial scene and the rest of the film, and there is a bizarre sequence near the end involving a wake which makes no sense at all, but overall it’s funny.

Another film which I entirely missed when it came to the cinema but provided some very enjoyable entertainment on a recent plane journey is Thank You for Smoking. Black satire at its best; watch it.