“Downtown” Bangalore Revisited

This weekend I took another trip to MG and Brigade roads, as I was sure I had not seen everything on the previous visit. The trip was an altogether more enjoyable than previously: much like London’s Oxford St, Brigade Road is not nearly as crowded on a Sunday morning compared to later in the day, but conversely MG Road seemed to have a bit more life to it. The fact that I am feeling more acclimatised to India now probably also had an effect, and I refrained from eating anything this week. 🙁

Another factor that may have contributed to my enjoyment was the discovery of a wonderful coffee bar called Barista—sort of an upmarket Indian Starbucks—featuring good coffee and a very pleasant atmosphere. Finally. 🙂

After coffee I wandered into the green and pleasant Cubbon Park (photo and photo). Despite not being rated as highly as the Botanical Gardens I visited last week, I found the Park to be much nicer: more shady trees, very tranquil, and the State Parliament and High Court provide photographic points of interest at its edge.

All my photographs of Bangalore.

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