When In Rome…

I can’t believe that by this time next week I will be on a plane flying across the Atlantic and back to dear ol’ Blighty! 🙁

A couple of things it was felt should be done before we left:

  1. Have a “keg party” with the big red plastic cups they always have when they show “frat’ parties on TV!! Status: Failed. Sadly it seems that there are no longer any places to buy kegs of beer in Manhattan as the one just 3 avenues over from us closed down two weeks ago! So we just bought more beer than we could fit in a fridge and used the bath to keep them cold. (Aside: automatic ice-makers are awesome!) We did manage to find the big red plastic cups though.
  2. Go ice-skating in the Rockefeller centre. Status: Success!!. Awesome fun, and with some expert skaters in our group to get those of us who lack of a sense of balance started, I even managed to go for several whole laps at a time without touching the side! Rich and Phil took photos.