Halloween in New York: What a crazy night!

I had thought Jesus GradSoc did Halloween pretty well — and then one All Hallow’s Eve I was in New York…

For a start there was a three hour parade from Greenwich Village/SoHo to 22nd St, although we actually failed to see any of this as by the time everyone had got their costumes sorted we were really late leaving and they had closed the streets. 🙁 OTOH, the atmosphere on Seventh Ave was just amazing: practically everybody was dressed-up, often in the most incredible, or incredibly imaginative costumes. Ed has some photos, although I don’t think they can really capture the true craziness of what was going on!

Greenwich Village was even busier than I’ve seen it on a Friday/Saturday night — in the streets and in the bars, it seemed like most of New York was out to party tonight! When we headed home at 1:30, the place was still jammed; clearly this is the night to party in New York!