Arrival in New York

A quick post to confirm my aliveness, and location as being currently New York, NY, USA. The appartment is lovely (it has a coffee machine and broadband Internet)[1] and the location is fantastic. Although my Australasian adventure is over, I hope I am just setting off on a whole new one so I shall endeavour to continue to keep this blog up to date with details of what I’m up to in NY — so don’t go away!!

[1] And the ‘supermarket’/grocery store across the street is even a ‘gourmet/organic’ one. I only note this as Rosie recently informed me that eating non-organic food gives one brain cancer. Unfortunately, given the amount I eat, I can’t afford organic food in the quantities I need to live, so I guess my fate is sealed… 😉

Some photos of the appartment, taken using my phone (so very poor quality sorry): lounge, kitchen, bedroom.