Final Day in NZ

Our final day in NZ greeted us with bright sunshine — such a change from the start of the week. Since our only goal for the day was to reach Auckland ready to fly out early the next morning (I had to be at the airport by 5:30am), we decided to take a scenic route towards the coast and then up. This plan started well as we made two stops to see a cool rock formation, an impressive waterfall and the road offered some lovely views of the beautiful countryside and snow-capped volcanoes to the south. It took us longer than expected to reach the coastal town of Kawhia, a rather uninspiring place, although it did have a lovely outlook across the bay. Unfortunately we then discovered the road we wanted to take north was unpaved, and we spent most of the afternoon backtracking and then driving on rather dreary roads towards Auckland, where we promptly got stuck in a massive Friday-evening traffic jam. 🙁

Finally finding our hostel just after 6pm, there wasn’t much to do except go out for a final meal (a rather good curry) and have a final Speights (the only NZ beer that was really drinkable)… It had been a fantastic four weeks and we both agreed that every place we now visited was going to have a hard time when compared to NZ!