Films and Buses

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, and apologies for being rather behind at replying! A couple of things people have asked:

1. How many photographs have I taken?

LOTS! I think I have so far used about ten nine 24-exposure films, and I think I’m just about to finish an eleventhtenth… I’ve slowed down a bit recently as overcast weather has not made it easy to take good photos. 🙁

2. How’s the Magic Bus? I hear it’s like “Club 18-30” on wheels.

Never having been on a “Club 18-30” holiday I can’t accurately compare them but I will say that it’s nothing like I imagine Club 18-30 to be like… We travelled on the Magic Bus around South Island from Greymouth to Christchurch and it was pretty good — friendly and helpful drivers gave an interesting commentary on where we were going and made organising hostels and activities so effortless that we were quite sad to have to strike out on our own after Christchurch. The one thing I did find slightly disappointing is that there was nothing social organised to help you break the ice and meet people, but the atmosphere was friendly and we met some nice people anyway, and the fact that they guaranteed you a seat on the bus if you booked 24 hours in advance (unlike other companies) would have been really useful had it been busy.

Since Christchurch (and for our trip to Te Anau from Queenstown) we’ve used a variety of bus companies. They’ve been OK, but it’s involved a lot more effort on our part (not all companies drop-off/pick-up at hostels) and there are no scenic stops or commentary. The one place where we did score is Kaikoura, where as I described in my previous post we were able to reschedule to take a later service, whereas with the Magic Bus we would have had to stay until the next morning (a horrifying thought given how much time we had already wasted in the place!) So, overall: Magic are pretty good and it makes for a such a hassle-free and relaxing holiday that if they had a trip that suited our fairly tight schedule for the North Island we would be using them again!