Back to the Queenstown

Tuesday 5th July we headed back to Queenstown from Te Anau. The weather continued to be rather overcast and uninspiring and we had an early-start rafting the following lined up so we had an easy afternoon exploring a little more of the town and gardens. The evening was a lot of fun with a Mardi Gras parade and party with some more really good bands on the freezing cold outdoor stages, the best being rockers “Zed” after which the headline act Black Seeds were disappointingly dull.

Unfortunately more low cloud caused rafting the next morning to be postponed until the afternoon so we could catch up on some sleep, but when it finally happened the rafting was well worth the wait! We started with a short helicopter ride into the canyon, a fantastic experience in itself. We then rafted down the river for an hour, going through a number of rapids which were rated grade III-IV+, although the seasonally low water level meant I don’t think they were quite as exhilerating as they might have been. They were certainly quite tricky though with a couple of boats getting flipped over, and one getting so stuck at one point that it took two guides from the front boats to pull them through. We also saw some people jetboating in the canyon which looked a lot of fun too, but unfortunately by this point there was no time to fit that in as well.