Airlie Beach

A quick post as I’m a bit short on time, and nasty Internet cafe keyboard, but I’ve reached Airlie Beach! Magnetic Island was very pretty: beautiful bays and beaches, and Townsville was a nice place — it just felt a bit more “real” than Cairns! The weather has also picked up: no more rain, but it’s very hot!

Alas Airlie Beach is another tacky resort-dominated place, but fortunately I’m setting off on a 3 day/2 night sailing cruise around the reportedly beautiful Whitsunday Islands this afternoon so I don’t have to spend much time here!

Despite my initial negative impressions of Airlie, I subsequently discovered that the area by the beach further away from where I was staying was actually fairly pleasant.

5 Responses to “Airlie Beach”

  1. Ali Newton Says:

    Just wondered if you’d realised that you stalking Sarah round Oz. Was reading your blog, thinking “I’ve heard of this Magnetic Island place before” and then realised it was because Sarah had been there 2 days before you!

    The world is far too small.

  2. Nathan Says:

    eek! Scary!! Is she going North or South?

  3. Kate Says:

    Quick response to the idiot who referred to Airlie as a tacky resort-dominated place. How long did you spend in town? Try opening your eyes, stopping, and getting a job and getting to know the locals as you travel around. Did you go bush-walking in Cape Conway? Did you check out the platypus? Did you check out the local fauna, flora and abundance of birdlife? Did you see the turtles swimming around the waterfront? I’ve lived, worked and studied in 8 countries and find your comments about the place where i’ve chosen to live offensive, then again who cares, at least if a few people think like you then it’ll ensure less people move here to destroy it. The only tacky thing about Airlie is the tacky people like you who come and visit. Good riddance to ya!

  4. Nathan Says:

    I don’t remember seeing much bush in which to go walking in Airlie town centre — regardless of the quality of the areas around Airlie (and the Whitsunday Islands are fantastic) that doesn’t affect my opinion of the town of Airlie itself. As I posted in my later update, Airlie did grow on me and I met some lovely people there, but at the end of the day the town of Airlie is not the most attractive I have visited. I’m glad you like it though!

  5. Kate Says:

    You’re obviously not researching the areas you visit thoroughly enough. Cape Conway national park is 1 minute by bus or 8 minutes walk from Airlie and is visible from Airlie itself. Look up and around when travelling, don’t just have tunnel vision. There are numerous bush walks to take throughout the national park with ample opportunities to see rock wallabies, goannas, bush turkeys, honey-eaters, black-tailed cockatoos, blue-triangle butterflies, possums and even the occasional wild pigs or dingos, just to name a few. Hope your PhD was based on more extensive research, glad you liked Cannonvale beach area, pity you only saw a tiny fraction of what the region has to offer. Please show a little reservation before making such public, defamatory comments about a region as you travel around, people are now facing lawsuits as a result of defamatory comments made in BLOGS and remember the experience you have depends on the effort you put in yourself. Don’t expect everything to be provided on your doorstep, perhaps you should have hired a bicycle, moped or car for even just one day and you would have seen more rather than only relying on coach transportation and the distance which you can walk to.