New Blogging Tools

Last week I upgraded this blog to WordPress 1.5. I remain very impressed with this application, not for any particularly “killer” feature, but simply because it just seems to work so well. I recently helped my house-mate set up his own blog and he hardly needed my help at all, it was that easy.

In this new version of WP I particularly like the new themes system which makes it considerably easier to customise the layout of the various pages, and the fact that registered users automatically have their details filled-in when they post a comment. My own theme is based on Steam as I am not a fan of fixed-width layouts.

On the subject of blogging tools, I have also discovered a neat new tool for blogging off-line. I have been rather underwhelmed by various blogging “clients” I have tried in the past as they seemed to offer little over WP’s excellent web interface (especially when augmented with the spell checking plugin). However I recently discovered, a small Python script that allows you to write an entry in your favourite text editor and then post by invoking the script from the command-line. It’s not going to replace the web as my primary interface, but it will make it easier to write entries when I’m disconnected from the ‘net.