GPGMail and Fink

This evening I installed the GPGMail which allows me to use the GNU Privacy Guard (gpg) with Apple’s

I installed gpg using fink. There are a number of projects to bring “standard” UNIX tools to OS X. What’s nice about fink is that offers pre-compiled binary packages (no waiting around for stuff to compile!) and uses the Debian package tools I am already familiar with. Fink also offers a number of other potentially useful packages such as the Gimp.

One problem I did have is that the default sources in /sw/etc/apt/sources.list are for the main archive in the US which is incredibly slow. No where on the web could I find a list of suitable mirrors, so I had to deduce it myself. The following seem to work well in the UK:
deb 10.3/release main crypto
deb 10.3/current main crypto