Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason

Despite having, against my will, actually quite enjoyed the first Bridget Jones film, based on the trailer, and given the usual problems of sequels, I approached this film with some trepidation.

Things did not start well, with possibly the longest and most interminably dull set of adverts I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to sit through in the cinema — most of them seemed to be for perfume and they were a triumph of the school of self-congratulatory style over substance. The trailers were rather excellent though: House of Flying Daggers looks very cool and it was the first time I’ve seen the Episode III teaser-trailer on the big screen.

So, onto the main event itself. Overall it reminded me more of Love Actually than the first Bridget Jones film, a sort of collection of playful jibes at, and parodies of, relationship-stereotypes and experiences with which we are all familiar, rendering the rather unoriginal plot thankfully irrelevant. The expected cringe-inducing scenes were short and, due to the zippy-pace, rapidly forgotten, and the only really irritating character you found yourself wishing would hurry up and get off screen was Bridget herself. The supporting cast and characters of this film were the real gems, whilst poor Bridget was just far too over-the-top and clich├ęd to be plausible, and after a while, even funny.

So overall certainly not a disagreeable experience, but I shall not be disappointed if I never see Miss Jones on the big screen again — the rest of them are very welcome to come back any time though.