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Exploring Tokyo: Cherry Blossom (2024)

A photograph of pink-white flowers with a Japanese metro train in the background.
Cherry blossom and a railway—two Japanese icons in one photo.

The same weather system which brought unusually heavy March snows to the Honshu ski resorts also delayed the blossoming of the cherry trees, known as sakura (桜). In contrast to last year’s early bloom when the sakura was finishing as we left for our Easter holiday on the 2nd April, this year it had not even started by the time we left for New Zealand1 on 29th March. Luckily the delay was sufficient that we were able to enjoy it upon our return to Tokyo.

The photos on this page are from a few different areas in Tokyo, all shot on 13/14th April. The feature photo above is from a return visit to Nakameguro, while the final three in the gallery below are at the one of the busiest places in Tokyo, Hachikō Square at Shibuya station and just a few metres from the world-famous “scramble” crossing. I had not expected to see sakura in this place, but the bright animated screens of Shibuya were a nice juxtaposition to these delicate flowers.

  1. Blog posts about this trip will be forthcoming when I have had time to edit the many photographs I took. ↩︎