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Ethical Coffee

If you like coffee, and are interested in ethical sourcing of your food, then take a look at both Pact and Union which have recently released their Annual Impact reports. Both companies are proud of their status as Certified B-Corporations, which seeks to go beyond the well-established Fair Trade mark for social and environmental performance.

While many of our purchases are constrained by what is available at a reasonable price, an awareness of how the profit from our discretionary spending is used can influence our purchasing decision. For example from the Pact report I learned that buying Ethiopian coffee right now might end up with your money funding arms purchases for use in their civil war. I see plenty of Ethiopian coffee for sale at the good roasters here in Japan so I will try to avoid buying it in future.

I cannot patronise either of these great businesses at the moment but if you want to try either of them as a result of reading their impact reports then you can grab a discount for yourself using these referral codes, and hopefully I’ll also get a nice kickback to use when I get back to the UK. (Mine’s always the light roast ☕.)

  • Union: Use “Nathan Dimmock” as the promo code at checkout.
  • Pact: Use voucher code: NATHAN-US3CIQ.