More Adrenaline Rushes than a Roller-Coaster: My Commute

Like all good roller-coasters the biggest adrenaline-rush is always saved for the finale. After a white knuckle auto-rickshaw ride from the office, I have a short walk to the apartment building. Unfortunately it usually involves crossing a busy urban dual carriageway where right-of-way is accorded to the biggest and fastest, and lights are strictly optional, even at night. After the dual-carriageway, it’s more like an adventure trail: does one risk the gaping holes and lose slabs of the pavement, or take one’s chances with the oncoming auto-rickshaws and motorbikes on the road? The journey concludes with another road crossing: this time a nasty t-junction with a sprint finish to take refuge on the (broken) pavement before the motor vehicle finishes its turn onto the road.

Welcome to commuting in Bangalore.

One thought on “More Adrenaline Rushes than a Roller-Coaster: My Commute”

  1. Eek! It sounds even more dangerous in print than I had imagined! Combined with the food difficulties, I’m wondering how many pieces you’ll be returned to us in?

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