Narnia, and Hugh Laurie as an American

Very quickly:

  • I saw an advert for the new film of C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” on TV last night. No idea whether it will be a good adaptation or not, but the visuals were compellingly gorgeous.
  • I watched an Episode of “House” which stars Hugh Laurie as a maverick but brilliant Doctor. Good drama, and witty caustic one-liners reminded me of the West Wing, and Laurie was as excellent as ever—with a flawless American accent—but a few too many gruesome close-ups of surgery will probably put me off tuning-in too often.

2 thoughts on “Narnia, and Hugh Laurie as an American”

  1. Being elevated to the status of “show I make sure I (or a video) am there for” (this status is rare, I normally miss even the shows I like), I can safely declare House as being most excellent.

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