Nathan Dimmock's Publications

Nathan Dimmock, Jean Bacon, David Ingram, and Ken Moody. Risk models for trust-based access control (TBAC). In Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on Trust Management (iTrust 2005), volume 3477 of LNCS, pages 1-8. Springer-Verlag, May 2005.
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Ciarán Bryce, Nathan Dimmock, Karl Krukow, Jean-Marc Seigneur, Vinny Cahill, and Waleed Wagella. Towards an evaluation methodology for computational trust systems. In Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on Trust Management, volume 3477 of LNCS, pages 290-305, May 2005.
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Nathan Dimmock. Using Trust and Risk for Access Control in Global Computing. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge, April 2005.
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Nathan Dimmock and Ian Maddison. Peer-to-peer collaborative spam detection. ACM Crossroads, 11(2):17-25, December 2004.
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Jean-Marc Seigneur, Nathan Dimmock, Ciarán Bryce, and Christian Damsgaard Jensen. Combating Spam with TEA, Trustworthy Email Addresses. In Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST'04), pages 47-58, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, October 2004.
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Nathan Dimmock, András Belokosztolszki, David Eyers, Jean Bacon, and Ken Moody. Using trust and risk in role-based access control policies. In Proceedings of Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies, pages 156-162. ACM, June 2004.
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Brian Shand, Nathan Dimmock, and Jean Bacon. Trust for ubiquitous, transparent collaboration. Wireless Networks, 10(6):711-721, 2004. This is a revised and extended addition of the paper that appeared at PerCom2003.
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Vinny Cahill, Brian Shand, Elizabeth Gray, Ciarán Bryce, Nathan Dimmock, Andrew Twigg, Jean Bacon, Colin English, Waleed Wagealla, Sotirios Terzis, Paddy Nicon, Giovanna di Marzo Serugendo, Jean-Marc Seigneur, Marco Carbone, Karl Krukow, Christian Jensen, Yong Chen, and Mogens Nielsen. Using trust for secure collaboration in uncertain environments. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2(3):52-61, August 2003.
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Nathan Dimmock. How much is 'enough'? Risk in trust-based access control. In IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises: Enterprise Security (Special Session on Trust Management), pages 281-282, June 2003.
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Brian Shand, Nathan Dimmock, and Jean Bacon. Trust for transparent, ubiquitous collaboration. In First IEEE Annual Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2003), pages 153-160, Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, USA, March 2003.
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Nathan Dimmock. A distributed instant messaging server. Dissertation for Part II of the University of Cambridge Computer Science Tripos, June 2001.
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