NOTE: This is a copy of my lab website as it was in July 2005, mirrored here for preservation reasons and to ensure useful URLs do not break. See my current website for more up-to-date content.

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Nathan Dimmock is currently a third year Ph.D. student in the Opera Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab. After completing a degree in Computer Science at Cambridge in June 2001 he then decided to spend 6 months trekking around Canada, working in coffee shops in return for free coffee and generally avoiding anything that looked like a computer. Having now completed his caffeine detox programme, he is researching computational trust-based approaches to access control with applications in the field of pervasive computing, and unobtrusive security mechanisms. Nathan is a graduate student at Jesus College and is funded by Marconi plc.

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Currently I am working on a project called SECURE, which is an EU funded project looking at using trust-based access control for mobile and disconnected clients. Here's a poster (1MB PDF file) I designed for the noticeboard outside my office which gives a (non-technical) overview.

A list of my publications.

I recently started writing my thesis.


I have a page dedicated to all things to do with supervisions, and some tips for writing a dissertation.


I am a topic-area editor for the IEEE's first online-only publication, Distributed Systems Online (message-oriented and object-oriented middleware) and I occasionally blog about research.