Nathan Dimmock PhD MA (Cantab)

A picture of Nathan Dimmock So, exactly who is this "Nathan Dimmock" person, I hear you ask? Well, he was originally born in Gloucester and lived until the age of 18 in a very pleasant but incredibly dull place called the Royal Forest of Dean (although he did sneak across the border each day to attend Monmouth Comprehensive school). He then embarked on a degree in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge where he spent three years at Jesus College learning how to deal with permanent sleep deprivation and wondering what this thing called "free time" was (and how one went about obtaining some).

After completing his degree, he wandered around Canada for 6 months drinking coffee and apparently acquiring a "comedy Canadian accent". He returned to Cambridge to undertake a PhD in distributed systems, although he seemed to spend most of his time partying, supervising undergraduates, administering Linux servers and representing the graduate students on Important College Committees. He did occasionally do some research, and eventually drank enough coffee that a thesis was written! After further wanderings around Australia and New Zealand, he moved to London (via New York) and finally graduated. He currently lives in London, uses the term "cloud" to explain to people what he does for a living, and still drinks a lot of coffee.

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web [at] toobusyto [dot] org [dot] uk
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Please note, if I ever revoke this key I will always give a reason for doing so, unless making that reason public knowledge would be illegal.

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